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Formula 707 Performance Essentials Liquid

Manufacturer: Formula 707

A powerful iron-rich supplement for peak performance in equine athletes

Use to maintain the optimal nutritional balance in performance horses

Performance horses are burdened with demands that nature never intended. The nutritional demands of a performance horse can be several times those of a horse grazing in the pasture. Formula 707 Performance Essentails Liquid was specifically developed to meet the extra nutritional needs of the performance horse. For example, it contains balanced amounts of both methionine and lysine, the protein-building amino acids most likely to be lacking in the performance horse diet, in addition to yeast culture to enhance activity in the hind gut and added vitamins C and E which act as anti-oxidants.

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For Horses in Heavy Training: Liquid Performance Essentials is the ideal companion product to Daily Essentials. Use both to ensure consistently high performance for horses in all types of competition.