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Formula 707 Supersal Mineral Essentials

Manufacturer: Formula 707

A balanced mineral supplement with monosodium phosphate for 100% assimilation

Use in growing horses for better skeletal development and in horses of all ages to maintain strong bone structure

Because it's cheaper, most equine supplements contain dicalcium phosphate as a source of phosphorus, even though it's not completely assimilated by horses. Formula 707 Supersal™ utilizes monosodium phosphate along with proteinated trace minerals to assure all of the product is put to use. That means your horse always gets all the vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and trace minerals necessary for strong skeletal development.

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Combine Supersal with an equal amount of salt daily for better skeletal development and earlier closing of the knees. Also use with barren mares to encourage them to cycle faster, and with pregnant mares to assist in foal development.